Organist David Sinden used creative registrations and dynamics that not only brought out the depth of the text, but also created a feeling of ensemble between the assembled forces.
— McCoy, Patrick. "Choral evensong sets tone for Association of Anglican Musicians conference in DC" 17 June 2014.
David [Sinden] of course provides continuity with the past as well as centered leadership and solid musicianship for the present. I was most impressed with his preparation for and conducting of the Christ Church Singers rehearsal . . . but, equally, his sense of vocation as a church musician and his engagement in excellence and growth.
— Dr. Benjamin Hutto. Report to the Dean on the State of the Music Program (Appendix 5 of the Music Discernment Report). 2 February 2010
Sinden’s artistic technique . . . was apparent throughout”
“The organist and the music were one and the true features of the Baroque work were apparent in the performance. Sinden has obviously found the heart of the Old Master Bach and displayed his mastery especially in the closing work.”
— Jaeger, Dick. “St. John's guest organist features Baroque work” Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN) 20 March 2008.
Organist David Sinden provided masterful accompaniment for the choir — shading all the crevices, plumbing the depths, and exalting the peaks.
— The Diapason, February 2008
Thank you for playing the pipe organ for us. I loved it. It was really loud, but that was the cool part.
— Jacob P., 3rd grader, April 2008